Phleum pratense

Cat's tail grass


Common in grassland, cultivated for fodder or grazing.


Rather coarse tufted grass with many varieties covering a range of growth habits. Generally light green or greyish-green. Dense cylindrical spike giving the alternative common name. Spikelets are small (2-3 mm), single flowered and tightly packed often tinted pink or white, extremely short awns.


Timothy liguleLong and flat: up to 6 mm.









Auricles: Absent.

Leaf blade: Leaf-blades elongate, flat, 10-30 cm long, 5-8 mm broad, sabre-shaped, tapering to a very thin point. Youngest leaf rolled.

Timothy 1
Timothy 2
Timothy - youngTimothy - young plant.
Timothy ligule photoTimothy ligule. Photo © HGCA.


Timothy - matureTimothy flower heads.