Rough meadow-grass

Poa trivialis

Rough-stalked meadow grass


Very common and widespread, favouring heavier or wet soils and compaction. Mainly autumn-germination from near the surface and very competitive.


Loosely tufted perennial at or above crop height 30-100 cm. Spreads by short creeping stolons which are yellowish-green or greyish-green in colour. Lower stem base and leaf sheaths usually feel rough. Generally bright green but can be purplish. Flowering head is branched and spreading but can be contracted and dense. Spikelets are small and awnless.


Rough meadow-grass ligule photoLong: 4-10 mm. Pointed and membranous. Longest on top leaves.










Auricles: Absent

Leaf blade: Green and hairless, with boat-shaped tip. Minutely rough and abruptly pointed. Lower glossy and keeled with 'tramlines'. Folded first, opening flat later.

Rough Meadow-grass - youngRough meadow-grass young plant
Rough meadow-grass liguleRough meadow-grass ligules
Rough Meadow-grass - matureRough meadow-grass flower head