Italian rye-grass

Lolium multiflorum


An increasing problem in arable situations. Many of the rye-grasses encountered in arable weed situations may be commercial hybrids with associated high vigour. Herbicide resistance is growing.


Large, stout, fast growing and densely tufted annual or biennial 30 - 90 cm. Flower head is flattened with the spikelets arranged alternatively on opposite sides of the stem. Spikelets are awned, unlike perennial rye-grass. 


Italian rye-grass liguleShort: 1-2 mm. Blunt.










Auricles: Small if present.

Leaf blade: Dark green, hairless. Leaf blade rolled in bud.

Italian rye-grass 1
Italian rye-grass 2
Italian Rye-grass - youngRye-grass young plant.
Italian rye-grass ligule photoItalian rye-grass ligule. Photo © HGCA.



Italian Rye-grass - matureItalian rye-grass close-up of spikelets. Note the presence of awns.