Annual meadow-grass

Poa annua


Very common in all arable areas especially on acid soils. It has become a severe problem in some localities due to its ability to germinate and set seed throughout the year. It is not particularly competitive, however but in wetter areas it may cause harvesting difficulties.


Familiar small, pale green, loosely tufted annual or short lived perennial, very variable in size: 5-30 cm. Flowering head is branched and spreading, triangular in outline. Spikelets are small and awnless.


Annual Meadow-grass LiguleMedium: 2-5 mm. Roundly pointed and serrated.










Auricles: Absent

Leaf blade: Light green with boat-shaped tip. Blade often crinkled or puckered and hairless.  It is slightly keeled, with 'tramlines' and is folded in shoot.

Annual Meadow-grass 1
Annual Meadow-grass 2
Annual Meadow-grass - youngAnnual meadow-grass young plant. Photo © Alamy Ltd
Annual Meadow-grass - matureAnnual meadow-grass flower head. Photo © Alamy Ltd