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Collections Header

Collections Header

Posted 2 years ago

Tab 1 Link Title

Tab 1 Title

Season Info component

Things to remember:

  1. You have to fill out the first tab to get the component to show on the site
  2. ‘Tab Link Title’ and ‘Tab Title’ are mandatory on Tab 2-5 to have the tab on the site
  3. Maximum of 3 articles per tab
  4. Dates: Start Day values are 1-31 regardless of month (Please consider this on 30 day months and February)
  5. Month: Start Month values are Jan – Dec
  6. A tab will start showing in the first position when the date you have set has begun and will remain in that place until another start date on a different tab starts, or if you override it in the admin
  7. There are no years to set in the component, so once you have set up your tabs to run from 1st January for tab 1, 5th May on tab 2 , 10th September on tab 3 and 15th November on tab 4 for example, then this pattern will repeat every year unless you remove or edit the dates, or you un-publish the component

Tab 2 Link Title

Tab 2 Title


Pre Title for Tab 3

Tab 3 Title

Tab 3 body copy


Tab set to show on the 1st May

Pre title for tab 4

Tab 4 Title

Body copy for Tab 4


Tab is set to show in first position on 19th August

Pre Title for tab 5

Tab 5 Title

Body copy for tab 5

This tab will show automatically in the first position on the 20th October

CTA Strip

CTA Strip

CTA Strip

Left column title