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Rye-grass control planning autumn

Choose the right pre-emergence herbicide for your grassweed populations

  • Know your grass-weed spectrum and resistance status
  • Flufenacet is proven to be the best pre-emergence herbicide for rye-grass control
  • Use Liberator® at 0.6 L/ha as a pre-emergence in any grass-weed situation.

Apply the pre-emergence herbicide as a true pre-emergence application

  • Liberator works best as a true pre-emergence herbicide
  • Aim to apply within 48 hours of drilling. DO NOT be tempted to wait for moisture to be present before spraying
  • The best pre-emergence performances are from full rates on a fine, firm, consolidated seedbed within 48 hours of drilling

Rothamsted Research suggests

“Weed (Italian rye-grass) control should be focused on autumn rather than spring treatments”
WRAG Guidelines (HGCA Guide 50, 2010)

“Italian rye-grass, like black-grass, is best controlled in the autumn”
Stephen Moss of Rothamsted Research suggests

Italian rye-grass emergence (2006/7)

Month % emerged plants
October 80.7%
November 7.4%
December 6.2%
January 2.4%
February 1.2%
March 1.9%
April 0.3%

A reminder…. Apply Atlantis WG in the autumn when rye-grass is at 1-3 leaf stage. Why?

Protect yield

  • Leaving rye-grass uncontrolled throughout the autumn saps yield
  • Any later germinators will be less competitive and can be tidied up in the spring

Gives you the best chance of the very best control

  • Year after year the most consistent control is achieved by Atlantis WG applied in November
  • Poor performance is more typically associated with application dates in March or April rather than autumn
  • Small plants are easier to kill
  • Control is better going into a cold period than coming out of a cold period

Get the best from a residual partner

  • Residual partners for Atlantis WG give a better up-lift in control levels when applied with Atlantis WG in the autumn

Only use recommended tank-mixes

  • Complicated tank-mixes can reduce Atlantis WG efficacy and increase risk of crop effects
  • Applying Atlantis WG in the autumn reduces demand for tank-mixing making the application more likely to give good control levels and stay crop safe

Table of recommendations for post-em. rye-grass control

Atlantis and Biopower