Aviator235Xpro vs strob+azole

In 2012, 1.0L/ha Aviator235Xpro
delivered a remarkable average extra 0.8t/ha more yield than strob + azole treatments at T2

Aviator vs strobe+azole


Source: 35 independent and BCS trials 2012.  Aviator235Xpro 1.0 L/ha vs Ignite 1.125 L/ha + Comet 0.4 L/ha or Bravo 1.0 L/ha.  T1 = Azole + CTL or Comet   

Ignite contains epoxiconazole, Comet contains pyraclostrobin, both are registered trademarks of BASF.

Bravo contains chlorothalonil and is a registered trademark of Syngenta