T2 Fungicides

Benefits of using Aviator at the T2 spray : Ensures long-lasting protectant and curative activity on Septoria and brown rust. Controls mildew, yellow rust and helps reduce final ear blight infections from T2 spray. Helps crops develop extra yield in the absence of disease through increased photosynthesis, better water use, nitrogen scavenging and improved spikelet fertility for more grains per ear. The unique Leafshield formulation system in Aviator235Xpro delivers rainfastness in minutes and sets new standards for crop coverage at low water volumes and faster forward speeds.

To achieve this broad spectrum risk management and non-disease yield boosting benefits use 1.0-1.25L/ha Aviator235Xpro without CTL. 

Aviator vs strob+azole

Yield improvement over strob + azole

Aviator235Xpro delivered an average extra 0.8t/ha more yield than strob + azole treatments in 2012

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Aviator vs Seguris

Yield improvement over Seguris

Aviator 1.0 L/ha delivers 0.5t/ha over Seguris 0.8 L/ha

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