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The best finish requires the best start

With harvest underway, it's that time of year again where our focus begins to switch to a new crop year and getting the best establishment possible. Last year, in many areas of the country, conditions for black-grass control were favourable allowing those farmers to attain good levels of control. But the fight against black-grass never stops and the focus for getting your crop off to the best start begins again now. We'll be continuing to deliver everything we can to support you and you can read our view on the current situation of black-grass control from our technical team here.

At this busy time of year, our seed treatments give you maximum flexibility, helping you to manage your autumn workload. Redigo Deter helps to ensure autumnal pests such as wireworms, slugs and aphids carrying Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV) don't damage your crop from the outset for better crop establishment - which is also critical for black-grass control. Find out more about Redigo Deter here.

Another serious challenge facing the industry this autumn is the pressure on the use of seed treatments. It's critical that we stand up as an industry to ensure we continue to operate at the highest stewardship standards possible, but also to make our voices heard by our MPs and MEPs. We're focused on supporting you in getting the required arguments across and our special 'Save our Seed Treatments' area will tell you what we're doing and how you can help. Visit it here.


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As black-grass seed left on the surface suffers from predation and direct mortality, consider leaving fields alone after harvest, particularly if conditions are dry and sunny.

If there is not adequate moisture post-harvest to allow black-grass to germinate, then it will be better to leave fields alone to allow black-grass seed to die or be predated naturally. By cultivating you could stimulate some black-grass to germinate but only after drilling when the opportunity to take out with glyphosate has passed.


Seed treatment won’t make pests extinct, but they’ll be less of a worry.

During the busy autumn months we know workload management is a high priority as you juggle all the important tasks you have on farm across your crops. Getting good establishment of your cereal crops means protecting them from the start from underground attack and disease carrying pests.

Redigo Deter provides a wide application window, giving you flexibility to drill your cereal crops early or late while reducing the number of foliar insecticides and slug pellets. From day one, you’ll control BYDV-carrying aphids (including the resistant ones), early slug grain hollowing and wireworm. And you’ll protect your whole crop, without exclusion zones. 

For more information, visit our Redigo Deter page.

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