Protecting the environment, wildlife and people on or near your farm will come as second nature to you. No doubt, you already do a lot of work on stewardship, even if you’re not part of a specific scheme.

At Bayer CropScience we’d like to help you continue that work: we realise that when it comes to using crop protection safely, it’s not always something you can do in isolation.

We need stewardship for the future

To ensure the continued use of existing and new, highly beneficial crop protection products, it is critical that the whole agricultural industry demonstrates the highest level of stewardship. This means taking all possible steps to raise standards of handling and usage, and minimising any possible risks to health and the environment.

Without a concerted and visible effort to satisfy the relevant government bodies, the industry risks losing vital crop-protection products, leading to the return of long forgotten pest and disease impacts, as well as lower yields.

There is much legislation which requires that the farming industry take all possible care to avoid having an impact on the environment, wildlife and livestock. You can read about it at the CRD (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) Pesticides website

As well as the free resources that we're making available to farmers, our stewardship and product experts are on hand to provide friendly guidance and information. Call us during office hours on 0845 6092266 or 01223 226644.