easyFlow M

easyFlow M is a closed transfer, metering and cleaning system for liquid chemicals from Bayer and agrotop.

The easyFlow M mounts next to the sprayer tank, at working height for easy handling on large sprayers.

It connects to the suction line, induction bowl or any induction system.

Transfer of the entire container or exact measuring and dosing, down to a minimum amount of 60ml.

easyFlow M allows for quick and efficient rinsing of containers and the measuring device, even after partial emptying of cans.

It can be easily retrofitted to sprayers, either free standing or attached to the side.

The clean and transparent measuring cylinder is inexpensive to replace.

All 5-20L cans with the industry standard 63mm opening will fit to the easyFlow adaptors.

UK Distribution: Billericay Farm Services (BFS) www.bfs.uk.com