Seed treatments get to work from the moment you drill: the active substance is released instantly into the soil, surrounding each individual seed.


The drilling

Clean, uniform drilling with good stewardship practice. Learn how Bayer SureStart helps save time and money in the field

Such advanced products use potent chemicals that must be handled carefully for everyone’s safety – and that of wildlife and the environment.

Everyone is a steward

Bayer CropScience insists on good stewardship from those who produce, handle or drill treated seed. We work across the industry with machinery companies, processors and seed breeders to maintain standards, and we formulate our products in collaboration with drill manufacturers to ensure clean, uniform drilling. We even develop drill modification kits to prevent dust discharge into the air.

Get your drilling checklists

For farmers, we provide extensive stewardship resources. These include pesticide management advice through our Bayer Assist phone service and crop drilling stewardship guides and checklists. Download yours from this page or learn more about Bayer’s approach to stewardship.