Research & Development

Bayer CropScience invests hugely in R&D – around €974 million a year, more than 10% of our turnover. This enables us constantly to innovate in new products, chemistries and modes of action, and to tackle pests and diseases before they become a threat.


The science

See how our huge investment in R&D enables us to produce the most advanced seed treatments

We look forward in areas like plant science, climate change and environmental safety, so that you benefit from better results with ever-lower doses of active substances.

Leading edge

At our headquarters in Monheim, Germany, we use some of the most advanced equipment, technology and techniques available, such as automated screening robots that massively speed up development time.

In parallel, we develop coatings that make treatments stick to seeds. These ensure optimum performance and minimise dust during treatment and drilling.

Beyond chemicals

For the future, we’re working on genetic seed traits and markers, together with biological crop protection, that solve specific problems and enhance plant health.

At the same time, we provide technical support for pure research, and work in partnership with external labs to improve the management of active substances, and with food chain bodies to ensure the safety and acceptability of end products.

All this is possible because we’re part of the only company that screens every new active it discovers for potential as a seed treatment – as well as for human and animal healthcare.