Redigo is our fungicide seed treatment that can be used on all cereals including winter and spring wheat, winter barley, winter and spring oats and triticale. It helps to ensure excellent establishment and protects your crops from the broadest spectrum of seed-borne diseases.

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(Active substances: prothioconazole)

Why Redigo?

Redigo helps to prevent losses at establishment, particularly those caused by Fusarium. It provides control of seed-borne and soil-borne bunt and a broad spectrum of other seed-borne diseases. Redigo is safe to use on all crops and research has shown that it can increase yields in winter wheat by as much as 27 per cent.

Main advantages

  • Full control of both types of bunt
  • Controls loose smut
  • Has activity against ergot and blue mould
  • Reduces Fusarium and seedling blight and stem browning
  • Optimises establishment

Getting the best from Redigo

Quality of application is crucial to making sure that you get the best out of Redigo. Using a Bayer CropScience approved treater will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your investment in the product.

Important things to remember

  • Make sure that the seed is covered by soil and drilled to a uniform depth (around 4cm)
  • Always store Redigo safely
  • Clear up any spillages immediately

Redigo as part of a programme

Redigo is the start point in your programme to control Fusarium diseases. In order to ensure that you maximise its role in tackling Fusarium ear diseases – and ultimately minimising mycotoxins – use in Redigo in a programme with a foliar fungicide such as Proline275 (prothioconazole)