Harvest is a dual-purpose product for precision weed control in fruits, vines and forestry as well as potato flail and spray desiccation pre-harvest.


Due to the EU regulation 365/2013 relating to glufosinate-ammonium, uses have been restricted to:

• Band or spot applications
• Low drift nozzles and/or spray shields
• Maximum individual dose of 750g a.i./ha
• Maximum two applications per year


Harvest’s authorisation uses have been amended to comply with new restrictions:

No longer autorised:

• Total weed control on uncropped land


• Weed control in top and soft fruit, vines and forestry
• Weed control in strawberries
• Desiccation of potatoes by flail and spray


• No changes in MAPP# but current authorisation will be withdrawn as follows:
• Final sale date to distribution: 12th November 2013
• Final sale date to users: 12th May 2014
• Final use or disposal date: 12th November 2014 – Old uses only apply to Harvest with old label


For more information check the Harvest label and the CRD website: 20132298 Authorisation link for up to date notices.