Harvest is product for precision potato flail and spray desiccation pre-harvest.
Note: Growers must use existing stocks of Harvest MAFF 07321 by the end of February 2017

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Harvest is a product for potato flail and spray desiccation pre-harvest.

Main desiccation advantages

  • Highly effective one pass haulm destruction technique that makes for easy harvesting
  • Harvest can be used with the ‘flail & spray’ technique on ware crops
  • Improves skin set and avoids regrowth

Getting the best from Harvest

Harvest must be applied as a band or spot application to stems after removal of haulm by flailing. This can be achieved as a single ‘flail and spray’ operation or as a separate desiccant band application after flailing, preferably within 24 hours to prevent re-growth. Flail and spray can be used on ware crops.

For best results maintain a full fungicide programme until desiccation is complete to prevent tuber blight. Allow skins to set if tubers are to be stored and ensure dry, well-ventilated conditions when in store.  If re-growth occurs after application and a further desiccation spray is required, switch to an alternative product.

For best desiccation results apply Harvest to stems of approx 15-20 cm no later than 14 days before harvesting the crop.

Important things to remember

  • New restrictions apply to product with the new label
  • In order to prevent spray drift onto neighbouring crops low-drift nozzles or spray shields must be used
  • Do not use on the Kerr’s Pink variety
  • Do not spray if rain is imminent or likely within six hours of application
  • Avoid applying under exceptionally wet weather conditions (more than 40mm rain within five days prior to desiccation), when the soil is saturated