Your chance to win with AscraXpro

We are giving away a brand new Polaris Ranger in a fantastic prize draw to support the launch of our new winter wheat T2 fungicide, Ascra.


Terms and conditions


You can enter the prize draw from April 1st - it's is open to any grower who purchases Ascra. To enter you will need to input the unique code from your Ascra container.

So why not try some Ascra as your T2 spray in 2017 and you could win a Polaris Ranger worth over £10,000.

Click here to enter, or scroll down for full instructions.




Ascra comp banner 1The prize draw entry sticker is located behind the label on your container of Ascra Xpro
Ascra comp banner 2Peel back the label
Ascra comp banner 3Reveal the sticker with the unique entry code
Ascra comp banner 4Enter the code and your details here



The prize draw closes on 16th June.





The unique properties of Ascra means that it is ideally suited to the T2 timing in winter wheat.

Control Septoria and deliver outstanding yield

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