Bayer Pollen Beetle Bulletin no. 6

Posted in: Product and agronomy news

The warm, sunny second weekend of April saw pollen beetle migration surge forward.

With temperatures over the weekend hitting the mid twenties in the South East, the Bayer Pollen Beetle Predictor ‘percent migration’ map is showing big jumps in migration throughout England. Most of the English weather stations are now up in the 50% to 70% range. The home counties continues to lead the field with Kent and Sussex at 71% to 76% and three weather stations just North of London – Amersham, Harlow and Welwyn Garden City – at 84%.

For Scotland the weekend was one of much more typical spring conditions with temperatures around 15°C. hence migration has progressed more gradually and Scottish weather stations are showing a range of 19% to 36% migration.

Thanks to the beautiful weekend we start the week with the ‘new migration’ map showing optimum to intensive migration conditions throughout England. Bayer’s Peter Stacey therefore advises: “If you’ve got any OSR crops that aren’t yet through the damage susceptible phase, check the ‘new migration’ map now, as most of the weather stations are red indicating the need to monitor crops today.”